“Grand Park-II” residential cottage development in Yasamal district of Baku

“Grand Park-II” is an organic extension of “Grand Park-I” complex, because it is situated on the adjacent plot. It preserves the idea of creating a cottage development with a high level of rehabilitation and maximal preservation of existing landscape. On the “Grand Park-II” area the “social home” concept has been implemented for the first time, and it represents a four-storey building consisting of unified three-roomed flats of 150 sq. m each.It is assumed that people who purchase a cottage have the opportunity to buy a small flat within the same area for their elder parents or children when they attain their majority. Thereby, such concept achieves a separate habitation of different generations representing one family in equal social conditions, and provides for absolute exclusion of conflicts of generations inevitable on the grounds of age, physical state and, ultimately, world-view.