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Another success of “El&EN” Company

“El&EN” Architecture Design was accepted as a member of the Club of Leaders International during the European Business Assembly that took place on 5-8 May, 2011 in Montreux, Switzerland. The company was accepted to the Club based on the following criteria: leadership abilities, human resources management, policy and strategy, resources, processes, customer satisfaction, meeting needs of people, impact on society and business results.

Moreover, the European Business Assembly highly appreciated the activities of the company and awarded it with the “SIQS” Quality Certificate (the Swiss Institute for Quality Standards). This Quality Certificate once again verifies high quality of the company’s products, their competitiveness and compliance with the European standards. The products are recommended to be distributed to the international market by international experts.

The Board of Directors of the European Business Assembly has decided to nominate “El&EN” Company for the highest award of the European Business Assembly – “Best Enterprise”, for the company’s impeccable business reputation and achievements in the area of quality and management. The President of the company, Honored Architect, vice-president of the International Academy of Architecture of Eastern Countries, professor of International Academy of Architecture (UIA and UNESCO), holder of “Shohrat” order, Kazim-zade Elbay Enver oglu, was awarded with the registered certificate “The Best Top Manager of the Year” and a breastplate.

The Award Ceremony and reception took place at the conference hall of Fairmont le Montreux Palace, the hotel famous for its eminent residents including Vladimir Nabokov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Charlie Chaplin, Nikolai Gogol, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and many other prominent figures of arts and culture.